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Work Equipment Design Issues

Work system design with an emphasis on design of work equipment and software refers to three different but interrelated interfaces; i.e. the task, the interaction and the information interface.

Task interface design

  • analyses of system goals, functions, activities and information required
  • allocating functions to operator and/or to technical components of a work system (e.g. machinery)
  • task requirements for systems design

Interaction interface design

  • interface human operator for task interactions (e.g. dialogue) with technical system
  • respect human performance capabilities and limitations and consider principles of human information processing

Information interface design

  • information modalities (e.g. visual), objects (e.g. text) and passive or active (e.g. label, control, feedback) impacts on human information processing

Human factors and ergonomics as well as occupational safety and health in work system design set the human operator task in the centre of the design strategy (primacy of task design) that should be supported by organisational and technical components to serve task completion and overall sys-tem performance.


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