July 2024

Relaunch of the webseite completely revised, further material added

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22 – 25 September 2024

Dresden, Germany

September 2024

WOS 2024: BUILDING A RESILIENT FUTURE - Towards sustainable safety in a rapidly changing world

Participate in the international conference Working on Safety (WOS) by submitting your abstracts!

The call for abstracts for the international…

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Project Groups

Control Devices

Detect and consider developments in the field of control devices concerning safety and security of machines

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Digital Manufacturing

Challenges from digital transformation for the system and its elements man-machine-environment

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Explosion Protection

Evaluation of explosion risks and classification of measures for machines, conveyors and modularization of plants

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Human factors, ergonomics and safe machines

Human factors and ergonomics design requirements regarding occupational safety and health and emphasising future work systems

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Stop defeating of safeguards on machinery

Specific information directly accessible to the parties involved in this topic: manufacturers, suppliers and users of machinery

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Safety Award of the ISSA Section Machine and System Safety

Winners nominated by an international jury.

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General information (hidden)

Here you find information on membership and members

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Prevention. International.

The Section is committed to improving safety and health at work in the field of machine and system safety worldwide.

Five principles:

  1. We are leader in the field of international cooperation in prevention. Safety of machinery and work systems as well as health at work are our core competencies.
  2. We can only cope with the challenges of a globalized world of work by international collaboration.
  3. Our work leads to added economic and social values for employers and employees.
  4. We elaborate practice-oriented solutions with international partners.
  5. By international collaboration, we contribute to an efficient use of our members' resources.

We recognize and integrate human factors when addressing assessment of systems regarding safety, security and health at work when using machines, technical systems or plants in manufacturing. The human factor is of high priority.

Different project groups work on specific topics while at the same time considering system complexity and interaction between system components. New developments in the human-machine-environment system may create the need for additional project groups.


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