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Proceedings of the seminar: “Emerging risks in industry 4.0: innovative approaches for safety and security”

Nov. 25th, 2019, Rome

On November 25th, an international seminar on emerging risks in Industry 4.0 and on innovative approaches aimed at physical safety at work and IT security in the workplace took place in Rome at INAIL. The purpose of the event was to show recent developments in research activities carried out on enabling technologies aimed to mitigate risks on such type. The seminar, co‐organized with the ISSA‐Section Machine and System Safety, involved the participation of international speakers who talked about several issues with a range from augmented and virtual reality to cybersecurity, collaborative robots and exoskeletons, green world and management of near misses related to the "Seveso European Directive”.

    Emerging risks in industry 4.0: innovative approaches for safety and security



    Christian Werner
    Institute for Research and Testing of the German Social Accident Insurance
    Sankt Augustin, Germany


    Members of the Project Group
    November 2022

    Explosion safety of bulk material plants: Module “raw material reception"

    PDF: German version

    Read more: https://www.safe-machines-at-work.org/explosion-protection/


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    Emerging risks in industry 4.0

    Innovative approaches for safety and security
    Nov. 25th, 2019, Rome

    Proceedings of the seminar


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