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A Guide for COVID-19 Pandemic Preparedness and Response

As the Ontario government starts to lift the COVID-19 emergency measures ban, are you wondering how to restart your operations safely and effectively?

NOTE: Employers have a responsibility to ensure the safety of their workers upon reopening.

It’s crucial to consider how your businesses can evolve beyond this pandemic and protect employees from further hardships. We recognize that your business is unique and will require a unique set of strategies to get employees back to work safely.

To assist, WSPS has created a Post-Pandemic Business Playbook and a series of additional resources to help your business on the road to recovery.

Read more: https://covid19.wsps.ca/


Post-Pandemic Addendums by Industry Sector

Post Pandemic Playbook: Manufacturing Sector Addendum

Post-Pandemic Playbook: Abattoir and Meat Processing Sector Addendum

Post-Pandemic Playbook: Agriculture Sector Addendum

Post Pandemic Playbook: Service Sector Addendum


A new fact sheet on safe passwords in small enterprises in available: https://www.safe-machines-at-work.org/digital-manufacturing/. It is the 2nd issue in this series of information on cyber security.

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