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Opportunities + risks for safety and security, health at work

“Digitalization is the business process of using digitization everywhere. The result of digitalization is digital transformation.“

Each individual element of the system Man - Machine - Environment may be the cause of system failure and thus lead to risks. In Cyber Physical Systems additional risks from digitization must be analysed and assessed. Workers, operators, controllers need to be qualified to fulfil their changing tasks.

Activities Digital Manufacturing

  • extend the classical risk assessment => cyber risks
  • develop practical examples from industry => industry guides for integrating cyber security and occupational safety and health
  • develop training for engineers, employees, prevention and IT-experts
  • organize a special symposium within in the next World Congress for Occupational Safety and Health, Oct. 4th – 7th, 2020, in Toronto with our Canadian partner Manufacturing Safety Alliance of British Columbia. Title “OSH Challenges for the Manufacturing Industry – development on digital transformation”

Current topics for the project group “digital manufacturing”

Always with the focus on how safety and health at work is connected to cyber security we plan to discuss relevant points and give practical examples and advice on the following topics:

    The structure for this guide to a safety & security checklist describes measures on 4 different levels:

      Partners for any of those tasks are welcome.

      Our next steps:

      Develop fact sheets on cyber security: offer practical information and examples for small enterprises in a clear and comprehensive language:


      1. Fact Sheet No. 1
        "Cyber Security in Small Enterprises"
      2. Fact Sheet No. 2
        "Safe Passwords in Small Enterprises"
      3. Fact Sheet No. 3
        "Shut the Door against Cyber Attacks on Small Business"
      4.  “Remote access control”
        What is the safe way to do remote access control?
      5. “Digital manufacturing and related risks”
        What risks occur from digital manufacturing?


      May we introduce your robot colleague! Science fiction?

      Not at all: people and machines are already working hand in hand, even today.

      Both bring their own specific skills to the production process. And this is a development that brings great opportunities, but also great challenges.

      Everyone’s talking about Industry 4.0

      But what do we know about it, and about the terms that relate to it?


      Hans-Jürgen Bischoff
      ISSA-Section Machine and System Safety, Mannheim, Germany


      Members of the Project Group

      A peaceful Xmas and hopefully a healthy and happy New Year.

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      Emerging risks in industry 4.0

      Innovative approaches for safety and security
      Nov. 25th, 2019, Rome

      Proceedings of the seminar

      • Fact Sheet No. 1: Cyber Security in Small Enterprises
        DE PDF / EN PDF
      • Fact Sheet No. 2: Safe Passwords in Small Enterprises
        DE PDF / EN PDF
      • Fact Sheet No. 3: Shut the Door against Cyber Attacks on Small Businesses
        DE PDF / EN PDF
      • Digitisation of Production: General Targets of Cyberattacks and Prevention Strategy
        EN PDF
      • Occupational safety and health in the new digital world - XXI World Congress on Safety & Health at Work 2017 - Proceedings
        EN PDF
      • Digital manufacturing – challenges for occupational safety and health (OSH) due to digital transformation
        EN PDF
      • Digital transformation of technical systems with explosion risk
        DE PDF / EN PDF (English summary)
      • Safety in additive manufacturing. Powder bed fusion/sintering
        EN Summary
        IT PDF