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With this website we intend to reduce the number of accidents caused by defeating of safeguards. Against the background of global markets, the problem of defeated safeguards is not limited to individual countries. An international exchange of information, measures and solutions relating to this issue is our target.


  • Specific information directly accessible to the parties involved in this topic: manufacturers, suppliers and users of machinery
  • Best practice examples
  • Useful tools like checklists for the purchase of new machinery or apps to determine the incentive for defeating protective devices

Activities Stop defeating of safeguards on machinery

  • Contribute to an open discussion within companies about the issue of defeating safeguards by using the information provided on the website. These discussions are to be the basis for new solutions to avoid incentives for defeating, and thus to render acts of defeating safeguards unnecessary.
  • Elaborate a paper on interlocking devices with low coding.

Leonhard Blümcke
Institution for statutory accident insurance and prevention in the foodstuffs industry and the catering trade (BGN), Mannheim, Germany




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