Conference on the digitalisation of the world of work

28 – 29 September 2023


The event will be implemented virtually, participation is free of charge.
Target group: Safety experts, managers, company doctors, entrepreneurs and interest groups.

Information on the event: The conference is divided into three blocks:

The first block is about "Artificial intelligence for occupational safety and health". Here you will learn how AI can be used to improve working conditions and prevent accidents at the workplace. You will gain insights into current research results and practical examples and learn how AI-based systems can support occupational safety and health.

The second block focuses on the "Practice of digitalisation in occupational safety and health". We will show you how companies use digitalisation to optimise OSH measures and minimise risks. Practical examples and field reports will be presented that will help you understand the challenges and opportunities of the digital world of work.

The third block is about "Industry 4.0". Here we focus on how digitalisation is changing production processes and what impact this has on the world of work. You will gain insights into new technologies and the new machinery regulation and learn how these developments are changing the working world.

What dangers can arise during remote maintenance and what possibilities are there to counteract them?

Complete conference program and registration: https://www.veranstaltungen-bgetem.de/ (Login-Code: Digi23).