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  • detect and consider developments in the field of control devices at an early stage concerning safety and security of machines in a comprehensible and user-appropriate manner and promote qualified discussion between interested persons.
  • Next seminars on functional safety and validation in 2022: 
    • in Detroit, USA: May 23rd/24th
      See program: Program Seminar Detroit
      Registration: https://www.rosscontrols.com/issa
    • in Toronto, Canada: May 26th/27th
      See program: Program Seminar Toronto
      Registration: https://shop.wsps.ca/collections/functional-safety-and-validation-seminar

      The objective of the seminars is to give an overview about some international standards for machinery safety and their application. These standards provide manufacturers of machines the basic technical rules for the design of safe machinery. The seminars are intended to transmit the participants the basic knowledge of these standards and their use in the industrial area. The seminars also show practical application examples. The speakers give information as experts involved in the standardization machinery safety.
  • take control devices as an important element of machines into an integrated consideration
  • co-design the international standardization if possible and transfer new findings on an international level
  • elaborate a practical guideline to raise awareness for safety and security describing types and application of control devices: what has the control device to do and with whom has it to communicate?  A message for customers: make your networks safe. The manufacturers of components should give advise but will not be responsible.


Good example from practice: Functioning of a redundant system


Standard installation without safety shut off valve. Failure of single control valve leads to an accident


Installation with safety shut off valve. Failure of single control valve, accident avoided by safety shut off valve


Installation with safety shut off valve. Failure of single control valve, one failure of safety shut off valve, accident avoided by safety shut off valve

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Klaus-Dieter Becker
Berufsgenossenschaft Energie Textil Elektro Medienerzeugnisse
Wiesbaden, Germany

Members of the Project Group
May 2022

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