August 2020

A new fact sheet on safe passwords in small enterprises in available: https://www.safe-machines-at-work.org/digital-manufacturing/. It is the 2nd issue in this series of information on cyber security.

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July 2020

We have up-dated the structure of Human Factors, in particular Work System Concept Issues.

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June 2020

Please have a look on our website www.stop-defeating.org. We put a new checklist „defeating of protective devices“ online.

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May 2020

The project group control devices revised the safety flyers “two-hand control on presses” and “light curtains”. Download the new version under: => Publications.

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April 2020

Biogas plants are comprised of different equipment such as machines, containers, tanks, pipes and measuring devices for the production, cleaning, conveying, measuring, storing, and utilisation or flaring of biogas.

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March 2020

The „Forum Prevention“ is the most important Austrian experts exhibition in the field of prevention and takes place every year. The online registration is open now. Further information: http://forumpraevention.auva.at/

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February 2020

The project group informed about cooperation in ergonomics under the roof the International Social Security Association: Human factors in the system safety

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January 2020

Good example from practice: Functioning of a redundant system

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December 2019

Everyone’s talking about Industry 4.0.

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Also small enterprises become victims of hacker attacks!
November 2019

Cyber Security in Small Enterprises

Also small enterprises become victims of hacker attacks! Devices and machines with an Internet connection still have many security gaps. And more than...

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